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Summer’s Eve Shrug Pattern and Giveaway!

It has been a long time since I have posted, but I have another pattern finished up! This one is just in time for Mother’s Day!  I had listed my child’s version of this shrug, and now I have the adult version finished as well. Fun to make up if you would like matching Mother/Daughter shrugs!

A pretty shrug for adult or child!

The Summer’s Eve Shrug is a beautiful shrug (wrap, cowl, shawl, whatever you like to call it!) to crochet for an adult or a child. It is light, lacy, and perfect for spring, summer or fall. It can be worn casually with jeans, or used with fancy dresses or in a bridal party! This shrug can be worn a number of different ways – more as a shawl, gathered to one side with a flower, or worn as a scarf. It makes it a very versatile piece of clothing!

So many different ways this shrug can be worn!

The flower adds a pretty touch, and you can make many different coloured flowers and easily change them when you wish.


I love how sweet and elegant this little shrug can look! It really adds the finishing touch to any outfit!

This shrug is crocheted and is created in a unique way. Rather than increasing stitches to increase the width of the shawl, you will be using different sized hooks Therefore, you do need all five sizes of hooks mentioned in the supply list, and need to pay attention to the hook size changes throughout the pattern!

I used a #3 light weight yarn for this shrug, and there are many options that would work. I really liked the Sugarspun yarn by Loops and Threads, and Bonita Patterns has a pretty yarn called Dream Baby, that worked well too

White shrug in Sugarspun yarn, pink shrug in Dream Baby yarn.

Both the Adult Summer`s Eve Shrug Pattern, and the Child Summer`s Eve Shrug Pattern can be purchased from Five Snowflakes Designs on Etsy or Ravelry.

If you love the style of this shrug, and would like to make it for yourself, your mom, or you daughter, please enter the pattern giveaway below! I will be giving away one copy of the Adult size pattern and one copy of the Child size pattern to one lucky winner! Just click on the red link to enter.


Puff Stitch Romper Pattern!! Giveaway!!

I am so excited to finally have this little romper pattern finished! I often crochet little hats, and have made a few other photo props before such as diaper covers and a little dress… but had not tried a romper.  Huge thanks to Jenn with A Day In The Life Photography for suggesting I try a couple rompers! She is an amazing photographer, and I have some adorable pictures of hers to share!

Puff Stitch Romper in brown and in a soft grey. Pictures by Jenn with A Day In The Life Photography.

This little romper uses the puff stitch to add some texture, and gives a soft, sweet look. It is quite simple to make up, and can be made in sooo many different colours! It’s really hard to choose a favourite colour.

Purple, blue, pink, grey…. so many colour options!

I have made the pattern in 3 different sizes – newborn, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months. I think these are the ages when a little romper is most likely to be used. I did make it up as a photo prop, but if you add a little onsie underneath it would be a cute little outfit. I am also working on a pattern for a little overskirt that is sweet as well.

Three Different sizes! And the little skirt pattern I am working on!

This Puff Stitch Romper works for baby boys or baby girls when you choose the colour you like best! I also have included a pattern for a little flower that can be made to go around the button on the bib part of the romper. It just adds a touch of contrast colour, and can be especially cute for making outfits coordinate for twins!

twin rompers

Rompers for twins – excuse the picture with the ends not tucked in – I was so happy with how they were turning out I had to take a picture!

Jenn does such an amazing job photographing littles – even 2 at a time! It sure looks like these 2 had fun getting their pictures taken. One in pink, one in purple, and look at those little hands and feet!

Adorable twins in contrasting rompers!

The pattern for the Puff Stitch Romper can be bought on ravelry, or etsy, and I will also be giving away a couple copies of the pattern! If you would like to enter the giveaway, please fill out the form below (click on the red link).

Freezie/Ice Pop Holder Patterns Giveaway!!


Who loves hot, lazy summer days?? We certainly do! But sometimes it is too hot, and it’s nice to have a cool treat. My kids have some allergies and we have to be careful what we get, but there are some freezies that they can all have and they love them. It’s a cool, sweet treat that tastes great…. but it also freezes their hands while they are trying to eat them! They tried using cloths to hold them, but they were too big, and paper towels did work unless they were dripped on.  And then Mommy  had an idea for something that would be a lot more fun when it came to eating freezies/ice pops/popsicles or whatever you prefer to call them. I started working on some holders or cozies, and my kids LOVE using them! Cold treat, warm hands… it’s all good!

 Loving their freezie holders!

I had so many different ideas, but narrowed it down to 5 that I thought my kids and others would like best. The 5 holder patterns in this set are a shark, a fish, a snake, an ice cream cone, and a flower. The shark seems to be the most popular but the other designs come close behind!

 Shark, Snake, Fish… so many colour options!

 Flower and Ice Cream Cone Holders

These Freezie Holders are not too difficult to crochet. You do need to know the basic stitches, and be able to sew the different parts together. This is a great project for using up extra yarn, as they can be made up in so many different colour combinations. I have been using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, just because it washes up so nicely, and these are likely to get dripped on! But you could use any worsted weight yarn you liked.

I will be giving away 2 copies of the patterns for these Freezie Holders! If you would like a chance to win a copy, please fill out the form below! You need to click on the red lettering that says “entry form”.

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