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Ribbed Slipper Boots ~ new Pattern Giveaway!!

I am soooo excited to finally have this pattern finished!! I have been working on it for a long time, and I am very happy with how these turned out…. these being Ribbed Slipper Boots! I don’t know if anyone else has a trouble keeping their toes warm and cozy in the wintertime, but I sure do.  One of the things I like best about these, is that they are LONG. They fit much like a boot to keep you nice and warm!

Front view of boots and side view

This pattern uses worsted weight yarn, and there are so many different colour options. I love how this pattern works up, because there are very few ends to tuck in. It’s a bit different because you start at the top and work down… and make the entire boot part. Then you make the sole and sew the 2 together.  If you want extra thick soles, you can double them and sew them together, or you can use leather soles. I love these soles from brickbubble! There is also a tutorial I’ve seen on Pinterest that shows using flip flop soles, and I think they would be amazing for more of an outdoor shoe.

Leather soles, done with logo!

I have tried my best to make this pattern easy to follow, and easy to change for each person.  It is very important that you check your gauge, and that you measure/check each time the pattern tells you too.  The instructions explain how to make this pattern fit pretty much every foot size!

These slipper boots are so much fun to make, and there are a number of different ways you can make them unique. I personally love how they look with ribbon laced up the back or the side. Ribbon or leather tied around the top looks pretty cute, and you can do bows if you like as well!

Ribbon laced up the back, or tied around the top…

ribbon laced up the side, or a bow on side or back

This pattern has just been released, and you can find it on etsy or on ravelry. If you would like a chance to win a copy of this pattern, please enter the giveaway below! Click on the red wording that says “entry form”


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4 thoughts on “Ribbed Slipper Boots ~ new Pattern Giveaway!!

  1. Michelle Wulf on said:

    I love all the options! The lace up is super fun but I know some who would prefer I leave them off or even add a bow at the top. ❤


  2. Barb Gifford on said:

    I’d make them for my friend Bobbi!


  3. Sarah L on said:

    I would make these as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. She’s already asked for slippers, and I think she would like the tall design of these.


  4. Sarah L on said:

    I would make these for my sisters!


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