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Zebra Hat Pattern Giveaway!

If any of you follow my facebook page or etsy shop, you will know that I love making animal hat patterns! I have quite a few different styles, and try to keep coming up with some new ones. Some favourites from before are the Buffalo Hat, Lion Hat, Raccoon Hat, and Owl Hat!

Buffalo Hat, Lion Hat, Raccoon Hat, Owl Hat

And today, I have a new animal hat pattern ready to go  – A Zebra Hat Pattern!  I love how kids love their animal hats and are happy to wear them on cold winter days! This pattern has ear flaps which helps keep you warm, and comes in sizes newborn to adult.

Face of Zebra Hat

This pattern uses worsted weight yarn, and mainly half double crochet stitches, so it works up fairly quickly. Zebras are typically black and white, but the trim colour can be made in any colour you like! My youngest informed me that she liked the orange trim best, though the pink was a close second. I think  a lime green could look amazing  too!

img_3650Zebra Hat with orange trim

I love the face of the Zebra Hat, but I think the mane really finishes it off as well! The hair is quite thick, and adds some extra warmth too!

img_3649Mane on the Zebra Hat

If anyone would like a chance to win a copy of this pattern, please enter the giveaway – click on the red “entry form” button and follow instructions!


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